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Author of SomethingSignificantBlog.com
Author of Something Significant Blog

I LOVE behind the scenes type of stuff… you know, like what celebrities look like without makeup,  how famous football players treat fans when they’re not in the public eye, and rarely seen footage of historic events and people.  I love seeing people and things  in a raw and unedited state, and I’m infatuated with transparency and vulnerability: two qualities that are getting harder to find in ourselves and others. I’m always looking for the genuine people in the crowd.

It’s one thing to put a filter on a selfie taken in front of your shower curtain, (ehem, my photo) but it’s quite another to edit your opinions and passions to be accepted or approved of by “them.”  I actually did that for years; I edited myself and I was miserable. I guess I learned somewhere along the way that if I wanted to be liked, I had to be constantly aware of others’ expectations of me and meet those expectations–regardless of whether or not they were realistic or validated. 

This blog was one step out of many towards giving myself permission to be an individual with my own unique feelings and thoughts.  I wanted to share my life experiences with people who understood (or wanted to)  where I was coming from, and somehow offer support or encouragement to them during their trials.  I wanted to be open, honest, and even vulnerable again because it was my choice. I wanted to provide something of value; something significant in the spectrum of blogs in the grand expanse of the Internet.

I share about my experience with an abusive relationship that shattered my faith in Christians and myself, some bits about my marriage, and my struggles with cancer.  I have been abused in many ways throughout my life, but I’ve also been loved deeply and unconditionally. Life is a bittersweet mixture of pain and pleasure.  Despite my pain and the problems, I have never known anything but God’s extravagant love and mercy towards me.  Certainly, I have questioned His plan, (or if He had one) but maybe growing up without a father was the best thing for me as an adult.  I know what a perfect Father is like, and He has never let me down.

The biggest thing I could ever share about myself in person or through this blog, is that I strive to be genuine.  I’m not afraid of painful or uncomfortable topics, and I would love to provide some value to your life if God gives me the opportunity.  I also like cooking, keeping a clean and organized home, and crafting (so be sure to look for those posts in the future)!

Me At A Glance:

Pastry? Yes please.  Can I have yours?

“Don’t step on that flower, bug, or that person’s feelings, Please.”

If there’s something funny about it, I will find it, expose it, and exploit it

Sea creatures=fun.  Ocean=scary.  Heights=nope.  New experiences… will you do it with me?

Coffee or tea? Both.  With cream and real sugar or agave nectar BECAUSE IT’S BETTER

I married my best friend of 9 years and he’s the love of my life

2 Time Cancer Survivor and current Fighter

Abuse Survivor and spokesperson

I prefer beat up and worn vs. new and shiny

Let’s be friends 🙂